Jump DeFi


Jump DeFi unlocks decentralized finance for users and developers

Welcome to Jump DeFi

Jump DeFi is the only one-stop decentralized finance platform on NEAR Protocol and other innovative L1/L2 blockchain ecosystems. Jump products empower users and developers by lowering the barrier of entry to DeFi.

Jump DeFi Ecosystem

Diverse range of revenue generating products

The easiest place to trade cryptocurrency combined with the best pricing on trades. Featuring a proprietary auto-router that aggregates protocol owned liquidity and ecosystem wide liquidity sources, including order-books, with a simple swap experience!
Web3 Projects can support their token with ease by setting up a liquidity pool and permissionless yield farm in minutes.

​Jump Pad​

Enabling the latest projects to raise capital and initial liquidity from the community in a decentralized manner. Jump Pad supports Initial DEX Offerings (IDO) and Private Sales.
Create your own token with a few clicks and no coding required! Entrepreneurs can begin their Web3 journey confidently with customizable token contracts that offer fully audited code and intelligent tokenomics.

​Jump NFT Staking​

Offering NFT Staking-as-a-Service that NFT collections can use to reward their communities. The Jump NFT Staking platform facilitates next generation token vesting using NFT technology.

​Invisible Swaps​

Execute third party transactions involving a token swap in a seamless manner. Invisible swaps enable marketplaces to accept a wide assortment of tokens and can also be leveraged on an individual project basis to unlock new utilities for a token.

​Fast Pass NFTs​

Mint Fast Pass NFTs to speed up the vesting rate of locked JUMP rewards. Fast Pass NFTs are a new revenue generator that monetize the most valuable asset, time.


Single-stake buyback pool where users access critical platform utilities including revenue share, tiered access to IDOs and platform governance.

Why Build on NEAR?

1 second blocks, 2 second finality.
NEAR Protocol has advantages in scalability, low fees, developer friendly architecture and onboarding incentives. NEAR is at the early stages of an ecosystem boom that will present the best decentralized finance market opportunities of 2022.
Jump DeFi will help bring mass adoption to NEAR with developer tooling solutions and a one-stop platform that is easy to use.

Great Tech. Incredibly Early.

Multi-Chain Expansion

Over the next 5 years, the future of Web3 is clearly multi-chain. To ensure Jump DeFi captures maximum market share, it is critical that we scale our operations to the top blockchain ecosystems quickly and tactfully.
We have selected Mantle, Arbitrum, Aptos and Solana based on their powerful NFT communities and DeFi potential, not yet realized. Each ecosystem has its own set of unique value propositions. The only thing missing is Jump DeFi; the portal between decentralized finance and NFT technology!
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