Jump DeFi

Locked JUMP

Emissions from yield farms and NFT staking are claimed as Locked JUMP (LJUMP) and vested linearly
60% of the total JUMP token supply is allocated to yield farms and NFT staking emissions over a 4-year timeframe. This is the industry standard allocation size for liquidity incentives. However, unlike most platforms, JUMP token rewards are not immediately available when claimed.
When a user claims rewards from farming and NFT staking they receive Locked JUMP (LJUMP) which automatically starts vesting into JUMP tokens. When Locked JUMP is claimed it is sent to the unlocker contract and the contract initiates the 30-day linear vesting period.

Why Locked JUMP?

Locked JUMP vesting enables Jump DeFi to offer high yields in a manner that is significantly more sustainable than competitors. This gives the community confidence to hold JUMP token long-term to take advantage of the valuable utilities the platform has to offer.

Protocols that effectively utilize revenues to reward token holders, without insane inflation, make AMMs +EV once again.

Early Unlocking with Fast Pass NFTs

Jump DeFi is the first to capitalize on the demand to accumulate tokens as fast as possible combined with locked token vesting by creating a brand new revenue source: Fast Pass NFTs.
Fast Pass NFTs allow users to pay the protocol to increase the speed of vested JUMP rewards from Farms and NFT Staking. Fast Pass NFTs increase the vesting rate of locked JUMP by 2X, resulting in a 15 day linear vesting duration.