Jump DeFi


xJUMP is a single-stake buyback pool where users access main platform utilities including revenue share, tiered access to IDOs and platform governance
All major JUMP token utilities are tied to xJUMP, making it easy for users to access everything in one place. The main benefit to staking JUMP in the xJUMP pool is access to the revenues generated by the Jump DeFi protocols. Additionally, xJUMP tokens are staked to determine Jump Pad IDO Allocation Tiers and for platform Governance.

xJUMP Revenues

Jump DeFi is an ecosystem of protocols generating diverse revenues which flow into the xJUMP single-stake pool
xJUMP Revenue Diagram - Seven revenue sources flow into the xJUMP Pool!

​Token Swaps​

Swaps on the Jump DEX incur a minimum 0.30% trading fee, of which 0.07% (23.33%) is used to buy and deposit JUMP into the xJUMP single-stake pool.

​Invisible Swaps​

Invisible Swaps carry a higher fee of at least 0.40%, of which 0.1% (25%) goes to buy and deposit JUMP in the xJUMP pool. Higher fee percentages apply to more complex token routing solutions.
Fees to develop and integrate custom token routing solutions for ecosystem partners go to buy and deposit JUMP in the xJUMP pool.

​Jump Pad​

Fees from Initial DEX Offerings hosted on the Jump Pad go to buy and deposit JUMP into the xJUMP pool.
Fees from the Jump Token Laboratory are used to buy and deposit JUMP into the xJUMP pool.

​Fast Pass NFTs​

100% of the JUMP used to mint Fast Pass NFTs is deposited into the xJUMP pool.

xJUMP Example

User A is the first to deposit in the buyback pool, they deposit 5 JUMP and receive 5 xJUMP as the initial ratio is 1:1.
Protocol fees are used to buyback and deposit JUMP into the xJUMP pool. Now there is 10 JUMP deposited in the xJUMP pool. Since there is 10 JUMP in the contract and 5 xJUMP is the total supply, the ratio is now 1 xJUMP : 2 JUMP. User A can redeem his/her 5 xJUMP for the 10 JUMP at any time, based on that ratio.
Now, User B deposits 5 JUMP to the pool and since the ratio is now 1 : 2, they get half of their deposit as xJUMP, which would be 2.5 xJUMP. Now the total xJUMP pool contains 15 JUMP and the total supply of xJUMP is 7.5 (maintaining the ratio).
The ratio changes as revenues are used to buyback JUMP which is then sent to the pool and split equally among all xJUMP holders.


What do I receive when I stake JUMP in the xJUMP pool?
You will receive xJUMP tokens which represent your share of the pool. The number of your xJUMP tokens does not increase. However, the value of xJUMP goes up infinitely because platform revenues go to buy and deposit JUMP into the pool.
Are there any fees for depositing/withdrawing xJUMP?
No, staking JUMP in the xJUMP pool is completely free.
What if I lose my xJUMP?
xJUMP is required to redeem your JUMP tokens so be careful with it!