Jump DeFi


JUMP is an NEP-141 token used to distribute platform revenues, determine IDO allocation tiers, reward users, and govern the Jump DeFi ecosystem

General Information

  • Ticker: JUMP
  • Fungible Token Standard: NEP-141
  • Fixed Supply: 250,000,000

JUMP Basics

  • Distribute revenues generated by the Jump DeFi ecosystem of protocols
  • Incentivize liquidity providers and reward users
  • Tiered access to Jump Pad Initial DEX Offerings
  • Jump DAO Governance
xJUMP Revenue Diagram - Seven diverse revenue sources flow into the xJUMP Pool!

Locked JUMP

Locked JUMP allows the Jump DeFi platform to offer high yields to users in a manner that is sustainable. For the first time in a long time, users can invest confidently into an AMM platform which generates diverse revenues that aren't fueled by inflation.

JUMP Details