Jump DeFi

Why Jump DeFi?

Because Jumpers hop all over the competition!

One-Stop Platform

Before Jump DeFi, the decentralized finance landscape on NEAR was fragmented. Key infrastructure was spread between several different protocols. It is hard enough for new users to figure out how to use one new platform on a new blockchain. Therefore, mass adoption on NEAR cannot become reality when users are required to learn three or more separate platforms just to perform basic tasks.
Jump DeFi is a one-stop platform that does the job of three separate protocols seamlessly. New users can come to one platform for all of their core DeFi needs. With Jump DeFi mass adoption on NEAR can evolve from dream to reality!


Jump DeFi generates revenues from six diverse products which go to support the platform and reward JUMP token holders. Most one trick pony platforms will fail because a single protocol simply cannot sustain a token economy. This is highlighted especially with token IDO launchpads. The Jump Pad can capture a majority of market share on NEAR as other IDO platform tokens slowly trend to zero.
JUMP tokenomics are designed with a focus on sustainability. JUMP emissions are locked and vested to users. Additionally, token allocations to investors and team are equitably sized with multi-year vesting schedules.

Democratize DeFi

Jump Token Laboratory enables anyone to create their own NEP-141 token with a few clicks. Laboratory token contracts substantially lower the cost of entry into the NEAR DeFi ecosystem. Entrepreneurs no longer need to pay a developer to create their NEP-141 token. Additionally, Jump token contracts are fully audited which passes further cost savings and security on to customers.

Portal Between DeFi and NFT Tech

Jump DeFi is paving the way for NFT technology in decentralized finance. Jump NFT Staking provides "Staking-as-a-Service" infrastructure that supports the next generation of token vesting using NFTs.
Fast Pass NFTs can be minted with JUMP token to speed up the locked JUMP emissions rate by 2X. Fast Passes showcase the capabilities of NFT technology as a tool in decentralized finance.


The Jump DeFi ecosystem of protocols work together to increase visibility to other projects on NEAR. Users may come to Jump DeFi for a simple token swap, when the latest IDO catches their eye. This user would not have noticed the IDO if it was hosted on a separate platform.
Additionally, the Jump NFT Staking platform exposes the NEAR NFT community to DeFi and brings the DeFi community to NEAR NFTs. Investors with no prior interest in NFTs may decide to purchase their first NEAR NFT after seeing triple token rewards available to listed NFT collections.

Born in the Bear
Built to Weather the Storm

Jump DeFi was created in the heart of the bear market where only real value survives. Jump DeFi will thrive as the market shifts to platforms that generate sustainable revenues packaged with strong tokenomics.
The Jump DAO will capitalize on generational buying opportunities to invest in crypto assets that can offer immense returns when the bull market returns.
Last modified 10mo ago