Jump DeFi


Jump DEX is an an automated market-making (AMM) decentralized exchange (DEX) that facilitates cryptocurrency trading on NEAR Protocol
Jump DEX is a fully permissionless automated market maker that combines a simplified swapping experience with a high powered auto-router that aggregates the best pricing on trades. Anyone can trade and/or become a liquidity provider to take full advantage of platform rewards.
Are you new to automated market makers (AMM)?

How Jump DEX Works

The Jump DEX is inspired by proven architecture including Uniswap v2 and Curve Finance. The Jump DEX automated market maker is powered by two constant product functions:
  • Swap function: x * y = k
  • StableSwap function: χDn−1 * ∑ xi + ∏ xi = χDn + ( D / n )n
For complete technical documentation, refer to the links below:

Jump DEX Advantages

Jump Auto-Router

The Jump DEX automated market maker features a proprietary, high powered auto-router which aggregates protocol owned liquidity with order book liquidity and all other NEAR native liquidity sources.
Users enjoy a simplified token swapping experience connected to the deepest NEAR liquidity; resulting in the absolute best pricing on trades. Jump DEX is perfect for new users and DeFi veterans alike!

Native NEAR Swaps

Innovations to user experience make the Jump DEX the easiest place to trade crypto on NEAR Protocol.
Other NEAR native AMMs require users to first exchange NEAR into wrapped NEAR (wNEAR) to use it on their platform. This adds a step to the onboarding process that is confusing to new users. Jump DEX has optimized the swapping process by eliminating the wNEAR swap from the user experience.
You lose 20% of users at every step of the onboarding process. Eliminating the wNEAR swap from the NEAR DeFi onboarding process will have a big impact on mass adoption.