Jump DeFi

Invisible Swaps

Invisible Swaps offer customizable token routing solutions for Web3 projects, Play-to-Earn games and NFT marketplaces
Invisible swaps use the Jump DEX backend to route and execute a third party transaction involving a token swap in a manner that is invisible to the user. Swapping-as-a-Service for ecosystem partners brings more users and volume to the Jump DEX.

Invisible Swap Fees

Invisible swap fees are a minimum of 0.50% per transaction. Fees from invisible swaps are higher than standard swaps due to the elevated level of complexity involved. The costs to develop and integrate customizable token routing services for ecosystem partners are variable based on the level of complexity as well.

Invisible Swap Use Cases

Invisible swaps facilitate a variety of use cases that are critical to the operations of ecosystem partners. The Jump DEX will power in-game digital asset swaps for play-to-earn marketplaces, unlock new utilities for tokens and enable the purchase of NFTs using any NEP-141 token.

Buy Coffee with CAFE Token

Invisible Swap Diagram - Buy Coffee with CAFE Token
El Cafe Cartel will use invisible swaps to enable anyone to purchase their Cartel Brand Coffee with CAFE token. The Jump DEX powers the swap from CAFE token to stablecoins. Then, a satellite contract deposits the stablecoins into a wallet that is owned by the El Cafe Cartel team to fund procurement and distribution of the coffee. From the users perspective, they are simply purchasing coffee with CAFE token. Everything else is invisible to them.
This use case can be scaled to any Web3 Project that wants to enable the purchase of merch using their native token.

Buy an NFT with Any Token

Invisible Swap Diagram - Buy NFT with any NEP-141 token
Before Jump DeFi, users had no choice but to purchase NFTs with NEAR on the secondary market. This is a big turn-off to many people that want to hold NEAR as a long term investment. However, this all changes with Invisible Swaps.
NFT marketplaces can leverage the Jump DEX to enable users to purchase NFTs using any NEP-141 token, so long as liquidity exists on Jump DEX. The Jump DEX executes a swap into NEAR to pay the seller of the NFT. The end result is the buyer seamlessly purchases an NFT using a preferred token and the seller is paid in NEAR.
It is becoming increasingly popular for NFT projects to offer a token which can be earned by staking their NFT. Now investors can use the tokens they earn from staking their NFTs to purchase more NFTs!
Last modified 10mo ago