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Jump DeFi Roadmap

Last Updated: 10/26/2022

The roadmap lays out the planned features and milestones for Jump DeFi. These are all subject to change based on community feedback and governance discussions.
Items in theExploring category are in the research or ideation phase.


  • Jump DeFi conceptual design
  • Jump DeFi Socials
  • Jump DeFi Website Landing Page V1
  • Jump DeFi Whitepaper V1
  • JUMP Token
    • JUMP Token smart contract development
  • Locked JUMP Token Vesting
    • Locked JUMP vesting smart contract development
      • Fast Pass NFT smart contract development
    • Locked JUMP vesting front end development
    • Locked JUMP vesting internal audit
  • Jump Pad
    • Jump Pad smart contract development
    • Jump Pad front end development
    • Jump Pad internal audit
  • Jump NFT Staking
    • Jump NFT Staking smart contract development
    • Jump NFT Staking front end development
    • Jump NFT Staking internal audit
  • xJUMP Single-Stake Pool
    • xJUMP staking smart contract development
    • xJUMP staking front end development
    • xJUMP staking internal audit
  • Jump Token Laboratory
    • Jump Token Laboratory smart contract development
      • Fixed Supply Token Contract
      • Mintable Supply Token Contract
    • Jump Token Laboratory front end development
    • Jump Token Laboratory internal audit
  • Jump DeFi Whitepaper V2


  • Jump DeFi Phase 1 Testnet Launch
    • Round 1 Testnet Beta: 12,640 users!
    • Round 2 Testnet Beta
    • Round 3 Testnet Beta
  • Third Party Audit of Phase 1 Development by Block Apex
  • Establish and announce partnerships with top NEAR Projects
  • Bug fixes and UI/UX improvements based on Testnet Beta feedback
  • Launch Jump DeFi Ambassador Program


  • Integrate Banxa payment on-and-off-ramping to Jump DeFi Platform
  • Onboard Whitelisted NEAR NFT Collections to Jump NFT Staking
  • JUMP Token "Air Jumper" Airdrop via Jump NFT Staking Platform
  • Host Partner Airdrops:
    • NEKO "Air NEKO" Airdrop via Jump NFT Staking Platform
    • CAFE Token Airdrop via Jump NFT Staking Platform
  • JUMP Token Initial Farm Offering (IFO) hosted via xJUMP pool
  • JUMP Initial DEX Offering (IDO)
  • List JUMP Token on Coin Gecko and Coin Market Cap
  • Jump DEX Spot Order-book Trading
  • Jump DEX Automated Market Maker
    • Jump DEX AMM smart contract development
      • Token Swaps
        • Auto-Router
          • Auto-Router smart contract development
          • Auto-Router middleware development
        • Liquidity - Supplying and Managing
        • LP Farming - Liquidity providers can stake their LP tokens to earn Farm Rewards
    • Jump DEX AMM front end development
      • Token Swap Page
      • Liquidity Pool Page
      • LP Farming Page
    • Jump DEX AMM internal audit
  • Invisible Swaps
    • Invisible Swaps middleware
    • Invisible Swap routing for NFT Marketplaces
    • Invisible Swap custom routing for ecosystem partners
  • Third party Audit of Jump DeFi MVP
  • Jump DeFi MVP Testnet Launch
    • Round 1 Testnet Beta
    • Round 2 Testnet Beta
    • Round 3 Testnet Beta
  • Jump DeFi MVP Mainnet Launch
  • Onboard Whitelisted NEAR Projects for LP Farming
  • Aptos Expansion
  • Full analytics dashboard for monitoring TVL and volume
  • Create Governance Structure for Jump DAO
  • Repository of customizable fungible token contracts for Jump Token Laboratory
  • Performance Fine-Tuning
  • UX Refinement
  • Arbitrum Expansion
  • Solana Expansion


  • Jump DEX Perps Trading
  • Expand use case of Jump Token Laboratory to launch diverse smart contract types with no coding required
  • Multi-Chain NFT Automated Market Maker

Bonuses & Accomplishments

Received a grant from Proximity and used it for Block Apex third party audit of Phase 1 Development
Ranked as "most influential" on Twitter out of all NEAR ecosystem projects for 7 weeks and counting!
Received 14,640 users on Round 1 of the Testnet Beta
Partnership with Banxa
Partnership with NEKO
Partnership with Real Birds
Partnership with El Cafe Cartel
Partnership with NEARverse Labs
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