Jump DeFi


Governance of the Jump DeFi platform is one of the core utilities of the JUMP token

Jump DAO

The Jump platform uses a governance model which leverages xJUMP token for voting on proposals and amendments created by the community. Users receive xJUMP after staking JUMP tokens in the xJUMP single-stake pool.
The Jump DeFi governance model is under development and will be fully implemented upon completion of phase two development. The Jump DeFi Platform will be fully governed by the community via Jump DAO.

Proposal Types

Team: Proposals generated by core members of the Jump DeFi team.
Community: Anyone in the NEAR community can submit a proposal to be voted on using xJUMP.

Jump Treasury

The Jump Foundation was established to facilitate a community led fund that invests sustainably into the NEAR Protocol ecosystem. The Jump Treasury receives 0.03% (10%) of all fees from swaps. The community will select investments using treasury funds by voting with xJUMP.
Jump DeFi was born in the heart of the bear market. There is an opportunity of a lifetime to intelligently invest in the next evolution of Web3 technologies. When the market begins to heat back up, the community will begin voting on risk mitigation strategies including unwinding investments and hedging against downside. The DAO will maintain quarterly asset evaluations for the community to determine what to do with Treasury assets (sell, buy, etc.).
Note: The majority of treasury assets will remain as stablecoins and used to earn yield in low risk DeFi protocols. Only a small percentage of funds will go towards higher risk ecosystem investments.